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Product : Anti-Decubitus Mattress
Model No : AD-III TPU TUBE 5"
Tel : +82-31-484-4516
Pump Size : 25cm(L) X 8.4cm(W) X 12.2cm(H)
Mattress Size : 200cm(L) X 90cm(W) X 12cm(H)
Weight : Pump 1.4kg, Mattress 5.5kg
Rated Voltage : 220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 10VA
Circulation Interval : 5min, 15min, 20min, static
Feature : CPR facility, Water-proof Cover
Patient’s Weight : 20~140kg
Air Capacity : 3~7L
Max. Input : 1200mmHg
Material : Non-toxic TPU + Fabric
Carton Size : 60 X 48 X 37 (with the mattress)
Quantity in a Carton : 2EA
Decubitus Level : ★★★★
- Non-toxic TPU material which is high elasticity and antiwear characteristics.
- Being made of strong material, it is enable to be used with heat equipment,
   like as heating pad. (heat durability : 60℃)
- Anti-Mould function and non- endocrine disruptor mattress.
- Air spray from fine Laser Vented Holes.
- Sore Pressure prevented with better effect taking advantage of
   Diagonal Alternative Floating Function.